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“My husband and I were determined to save money on a DJ for a wedding and thought we could go the DIY iPod route. But we knew we needed someone on a mic to moderate the flow of our ceremony and reception, make announcements, etc., so we researched Cleveland emcees. We found that we’d pay as much for an emcee as for a DJ, so we very skeptically began looking into local DJ companies online and found A Bride’s DJ. We were blown away by their Web presence – an amazing blog, great online specials, commitments and guarantees, and just overall transparency, which we hadn’t seen anywhere else. It didn’t take much convincing, especially at an unbeatable price, and so we hired A Bride’s DJ just weeks before our wedding. They were flexible, accommodating, and thorough – an absolute dream to work with. I would recommend Diana, Robby and the A Bride’s DJ team to any bride & groom looking for a flawless performance and great tunes all night long! “– Margaret H., September 5, 2009

“Just wanted to say thanks for your services at our wedding. I will recommend you in the future. The wedding and honeymoon were the best times of our lives! Take care!!” – Margaret and Tom B.

“You gave us the best gift of all. You did a great job. I have had lots and lots of people tell me what a great job the DJ did. I had people tell me they have never been to a wedding reception where so many people stayed late and danced. You really did give us our favorite gift.” – Alan and Paula P.

“We cannot say enough how pleased we were with the whole DJ experience! From booking to the reception, it was smooth, easy, and FUN! I will be recommending A Bride’s DJ to EVERYONE I know!!” –Natalie D., November 2009

“Great DJ! Everybody at the party enjoyed the music and the events! Thank You!” – Overdrive Company Holiday Party December 2009

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