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Colleen hired A Bride’s DJ for her wedding.

Hands down the best DJ around!! Prior to the wedding, we had a phone call with our DJ to review the Wedding Planner document that A Bride’s DJ provides for you to fill out to make sure they can deliver on your wants & needs. You can tell DJ James took the time to read through the entire document before our meeting. He was very thorough and after that call, we were so confident with James and A Bride’s DJ and that honestly was a huge help, especially on the actual wedding day because we knew we did not have to worry about anything. It doesn’t end there though.

When we chose A Brides DJ for our wedding about 8 months before, we worked with Diana and her husband first. They were so helpful and even cut our custom first dance song remix for us! They truly care about the business and making the bride & groom happy! Overall, we highly recommend A Bride’s Dj, specifically DJ James. They were so organized throughout the entire process.

Thanks again James, Diane, Robby and everyone at a Bride’s DJ for making our day so special for us and our guests!

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