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We DJ’d Hannah’s wedding at Happy Days Lodge.

James was absolutely AMAZING! Brett and I were blown away with everything he did for us and our guests. The ceremony was so personal to Brett and I. Our family and friends were very moved during the ceremony. We took pictures right after the ceremony, and there James was, with water for Brett and I. He literally catered to our every need. He sang during dinner. Everyone was blown away!!!

He played all the songs we wanted and any requests we made during the night. He kept everyone entertained, especially since we only had 75 guests. The sound quality was outstanding! We don’t know what we would’ve done without him. We didn’t have a wedding planner and didn’t need one. James checked in with us and kept things on schedule. Brett and I truly felt like we could actually enjoy our day and not worry about a thing. I continue to get compliments on him from family and friends.

This definitely won’t be the last time we see James. I think my favorite part was when James sang at dinner. It was a moment Brett and I were able to eat dinner by ourselves and truly enjoy the atmosphere he created. Brett really enjoyed the little touches James provided such as checking in with us throughout the night and bringing us drinks while we took a thousand pictures!

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