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Erinn had a wedding at Windows on the River.

We want to say that all of the services you provided were phenomenal. I know we were fairly picky as far as your typical client may go, but James delivered. Our friends and family talked the next day about how great the music was, and there were people dancing at our wedding that we did NOT expect to see on the dance floor! James kept the dance floor packed the whole night, and on top of that all the music fit our tastes perfectly.

The little details were noticed as well: he waited until we were on the dance floor or in the room to play songs that were on our request list to make sure we got to hear them. He checked with us about a few requests to make sure they were okay instead of going the easy route of either just playing them or saying no. He also did a great job of keeping the evening going on time; he checked in with us throughout the night, gave us updates on time, and pulled us away from family in a way that was polite and efficient.

As I told you both earlier, music was the one thing that stressed me most about our wedding but it was perfect, everything we wanted and put together so well. We were more than happy with James and now that we’re back to the real world after the honeymoon we plan on leaving some pretty fantastic reviews for both him and A Bride’s DJ. Thank you again for helping to make our wedding a party!

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