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Maria had an wedding at Ariel Pearl Center.

DJ Danny was the best DJ we could have asked for. He was detail oriented, on-time, organized and really cared about our event. We loved how he recognized that no two wedding are the same and worked very hard to make sure we had the most memorable time at our wedding. Danny made sure he was playing the music we liked, but also made sure he was playing the right music for our crowd. We, along with all of our guests had a great time! We were constantly being asked, “who made the playlist” and received tons of compliments on Danny.

My favorite part of the night is when he asked everyone to join the bride and groom on the dance floor, this is really got the party started and it was a blast! One of the most important things to us on our wedding day was to have the dance floor filled the entire time. Danny did this the WHOLE night! On top of everything else, Danny was extremely professional and funny and it was a pleasure to work with him! We would recommend DJ Danny any day!

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