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Michael had an wedding at Hyatt Regency at the Arcade.

Tim was great! He handled the night perfectly and made sure to check in on us multiple times, offering to get us anything we needed each time (which usually ended up being a drink). He checked in on us much more frequently than the hotel staff, so it was really appreciated. He played all of our must plays and played some awesome mixes, which was a great change of pace. He also recorded our wedding ceremony and the reception highlights, which was an amazing surprise, especially since we didn’t have a videographer.

My wife and I are both extremely happy with how Tim managed our wedding, the music he played, and the sound quality. It was evident he did a top-notch job of listening to what we wanted on the planning call because things went perfectly. He was great to work with and had a great personality that added a nice touch to the reception. So, he gets five stars!

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