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Natasha & Anthony had a wedding at Tom’s Country Place.

DJ Devin was amazing! He played the music for our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception and we couldn’t have been more happy! Not only did he keep everyone happy throughout the event but he also helped my husband and mom plan an amazing surprise for me. After my father daughter dance Devin had me stand in the middle of the dance floor with my eyes closed and right hand out, and when I opened my eyes I found my mom (who I have an amazing relationship with) standing in front of me. The mother-daughter dance was an amazing surprise and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I don’t think the dance would have been as beautiful without Devin’s creative announcement.  DJ Devin was also amazing during the dancing portion of the night. We gave him a lot of creative freedom with the music choices and he did a great job at keeping everyone dancing. He even came out on the dance floor and danced and sang with us and our guests! It was so much fun having a DJ that was happy to be there and didn’t hesitate to join in and add to the fun!

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