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Allie had a wedding at Cleveland Marriot Downtown at Key Center.

We have only good things to say about James Fruits! He called us earlier in the week and spent an hour getting to know us over the phone, wanted to know about our jobs what we did for fun and so on. We went over every detail for the night as well! Once the night came he was very organized and made sure the bridal party lined up accordingly, he made the entrances fun and got the whole room excited.

He did a great job pronouncing names as we have some difficult ones LOL! The speakers were great for speeches and there were no sound issues! The dinner music was nice and he was even observing the time frame of everyone eating to see when a good transition into the first dances was! The music was great….he played our must plays, took requests, and even asked us later in the night if a few songs were okay to play since I wasn’t too sure on certain genres!

Overall he made our wedding night great, I always believe a DJ has a big part in making the wedding an amazing time or not! We definitely had a great time and I would recommend him to everyone I know having a wedding soon!

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