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Kristi had a wedding at Tom’s Country Place.

“Tim did an amazing job! We were a little behind schedule when arriving at the hall. Tim assured us that everything was going to be fine and we did not need to rush. I thought it was very kind of him to carry my dinner plate so I didn’t have to worry about getting anything on my dress. We were pleased with the music. ALOT of people were dancing and having fun. I witnessed some dance moves I never knew my husband even had! Tim won me over personally by having my husband and other groomsmen sing me a backstreet boys song (I am a huge backstreet boys fan). This was something I did not plan. It was nice to relax and enjoy the moment. It honestly something I will never forget and one of the most cherished moments from the night. Overall we loved our DJ. We will be highly recommending a Bride’s DJ to anyone we know! Thanks again Tim, Staff, and Owners.”

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