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Christine & Shawn had a wedding at Mapleside Farms.

“Scott was AMAZING! Literally A – M – A – Z – I – N – G. From start to finish. He has amazing communication skills. I was the only person that did the planning for our wedding so we did not have a coordinator the day of other than myself. Whenever there was a minor (very minor) bump Scott would come over with a solution and we would go from there! He was literally the best. I had a certain timing for our entrance song and he literally NAILED IT PERFECTLY!!! I was so proud. The thriller dance was amazing! Everyone was asking me where I found our DJ because he was so great! I really don’t think I could have found a better DJ – he is so talented!!   Diana was the coordinator that referred me to Scott and she knew exactly what we were looking for! She helped me so much when I was not really sure what type of DJ we wanted for our wedding!  Since I was the bride at the wedding I think it would be great if I were used as a reference! Thank you so much for such wonderful service!!!!”

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