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All OF OUR DJs have served 100-500 weddings.

WE ONLY HIRE DJs who are ego-free, detail-oriented, respond quickly, have a genuine passion for making things right, and lost their training wheels years ago. They’re all still human of course, but we think they’re the closest thing to perfection possible!

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Click through our DJ bio list for fun facts about our favorite Cleveland DJs.

rsz_epm_9814 (2)

• High School English Teacher
• Teaches Acting and Directs Productions
• Just landed his first TV commercial
• He was an RA in college, so we imagine he had A LOT of friends

DJ Danny

• Has been the drummer in more than 40 recorded works
• Was in a house band at the House of Blues in 2007
• More detail-oriented than anyone we’ve ever met
• Has the best one liners

DJ Marty

• If the President needs a DJ, we would send Marty
• A computer engineer by day
• Perfect for someone who wants a hot dance party with a DJ that is low-key and sophisticated
• He’s a parrot-head. Wait a minute…sophisticated?

DJ Scott

• Our most interactive DJ
• Shaved his head mohawk-style and ran (and surprisingly survived) the Tough Mudder (don’t worry, he won’t sport a mohawk at your wedding)
• Was the mascot of his college team, and earned his cheerleading letters for it. Ra, ra, re!

John Lively

• Also goes by Johnny, but it makes Diana think of Patrick Swayze, so…
• Speaking of dancing, John once taught Zumba classes.  The guy can MOVE like Patrick Swayze.
• Has a Masters Degree in Information Technology.
• He’s a singer and has been in several bands


• Most frequently photographed by Paparazzi when DJ’ing weddings
• Always invited to the wedding after-party for some reason
• Uses Digital turntables and it looks really cool
• Assists Diana and Robby with Customer Service

DJ Tim (4)

• Served in our Navy
• Traveled the country as a Club DJ … Miami, Vegas, even Greece!
• Creates his own custom mixes.
• Voted biggest team player at ABDJ

DJ James Hayes

• We call him Professor James
• Teaches Speech to 100 + students a year at a local college
• Once was a Disney World ride operator, so he knows how to repeat himself.repeat himself.repeat himself.

James Fruits

• Plays 8 different instruments.
• Has a vocal arts degree, and is often hired to sing and play the guitar during dinner.
• Can officiate your wedding … seriously.
• Was Homecoming King, but he thinks it’s silly that we tell you that.