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Heather and Rick had a wedding at DiLucia’s, Warren, Ohio.

“Yes I can be used as a reference. My husband and I enjoyed having James as our DJ very much! I actually felt bad for him because I didn’t give him a lot of must plays so he had to figure out the crowd and did a fabulous job! As I was getting my plate, I had a ton of people come up to me so James kindly grabbed my plate and took it to my table so that people would leave me alone in order to eat! Very thoughtful :). My husband said numerous times that James did an awesome job. He was very flexible and did everything we asked of him – he even started to call a cab for us when we thought we didn’t have a ride to our hotel! As a bride trying to “shop” for a DJ, what sold me were the references from other brides and I must say James was great and I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you for a great evening!!”

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