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Julia and Andrew had a wedding at Michaud’s, Strongsville, Ohio.

“Yes, you may absolutely use us as a reference! First of all, thank you for all your help in the office checking for songs and coordinating times for the reception. Second, James was an incredible DJ! From the call on Monday to the end of the reception, James was personable, kind, fun and attentive. We had some pretty specific requests and he pulled them all off perfectly. We requested specific Christian songs during dinner and it was so beautiful! Then the dancing, oh the dancing…we had a specific dance that we wanted to teach everyone and James perfectly coordinated the setup for it. It was a hit! From then on, the dance floor was always packed! I saw another A Bride’s DJ at another wedding last year and my favorite thing was how he blended songs or transitioned them perfectly. Not one song went on too long and there was no dead sound between songs. People just kept dancing! At the end of the reception, we had so much alcohol left over and couldn’t figure out why. Then we heard people saying they we’re having so much fun dancing that forgot to go get another drink! Ahaha! Anyways, James is a great, well-rounded DJ. We asked him to avoid explitives in the music since we had young ones there and to check with us on anything questionable. He did that really well, but if that’s not a concern of yours I’m sure he can let loose! He also helped keep us in schedule but never rushed anything. Thanks so much for helping us make our night so memorable!!”

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