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Kristin and Brad had a Wedding at Windows on the River, Cleveland, Ohio.

“We absolutely loved A Brides DJ, and you will too! Diana is very personable and really cares about making your special day unique and specialized for you.  She has the best ideas to make a wedding memorable and we are so thankful!  She suggested several ideas that our family and friends are still talking about months later (the selfie dance was a hit!)  We did experience a hiccup during the planning process with the original DJ becoming ill the week before our big day (we had a winter wedding) and had to switch DJ’s at the last minute.  Weddings are stressful no matter what, but Diana is proactive about everything and she made sure our day was perfect.  Even with the switch at the last minute we would not change anything at all.  Are fill in DJ was Tim and he was an absolute life savor!  We had special requests for the ceremony and for the entrance into the reception and we requested several specific songs.  Tim nailed it!! He went above and beyond our expectations and rolled with the changes we made within hours of the wedding.  Diana and her DJ’s are very knowledgeable and creative.  We also utilized the companies up lighting to give our wedding a special touch and they looked fabulous!  Diana has one heck of a team and we are so happy  with our experience with A Brides DJ!”

A note from A Bride’s DJ: “As a business owner, I know the types of things that could go wrong, make a plan for them, and then hope and pray they never happen.  Unfortunately, in this case, Kristin’s chosen DJ was suffering from an illness for weeks, and in and out of the hospital and doctor’s office.  We called her a week before her wedding and informed/ pretty much warned her of the chance that he might not be at her wedding.  At that time, we felt it was highly unlikely considering he had dealt with this over quite awhile and it should have been clearing up.  We had her replacement DJ join in the phone call so Kristin could get to know him *just in case*.  The day before her wedding, he was back to the Emergency room and then admitted into the hospital for two days.  Having to make a change on a bride before her wedding is gut-wrenching for me (Diana).   I knew that Tim was just as good, and if she could forgive us and keep an open mind, she would love him!  When I opened my email on Monday morning, I was staring at the longest email of my career.  I just knew it must be bad.  Who could write that many words in praise?  But it wasn’t.  It was the most lovely, well-thought out email I have ever received, and I will NEVER lose sight of it.  It is nice to have our efforts be noticed.  So much goes on behind the scenes.  We stress out for our brides.  We try to so hard to make things perfect, knowing that we are limited by our human-ness.  Sometimes I wish our brides could FEEL the way we care for them and their day.  Apparently, Kristin did.  And we are just as thankful as she was! “

(Photo by LID Photography at Windows on the River, Cleveland, OH)

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