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Linda and David had a Wedding at Williams on the Lake.

“Several guests were so impressed with the fun they had at our wedding the suggested I become a wedding planner! The dedication and creativity and many consultations with a brides dj made those comments possible! As anticipated, our crowd wasn’t big on dancing but the creativity and planning with James made it possible for all guests to say “what a fun wedding”! My husband and I are givers by nature and we focused on guest enjoyment and you guys gave us the best wedding gift of all, the ability to care for our guests! With the attention to detail and James ability to understand our vision we ended the most amazing day of our lives with comments like “so much fun” “classy wedding” ” most fun I’ve had at a wedding in over a year”. We also had a guest say “we attended several weddings last year and yours was by far the most fun”! Even our photographer (who has been to countless wedding said “this is one of the best wedding I have ever attended”. Thank you for making that all possible! We couldn’t have pulled it off without your team!!”

A note from A Bride’s DJ: “When Linda first called me, she mentioned that she wanted her wedding to be fun, but she feared she didn’t have a lot of dancers.  We worked to come up with a plan that included many activities that her guests would enjoy, to take a little of the focus off of dancing.  Our DJ James was able to interact more than normal and even danced with Linda’s Grandma!  I am pretty sure this was one of James’ favorite weddings!…Diana”

(Photo by Daniel Nordick Photography at Williams on the Lake)

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