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Steven and Samantha had a Wedding at Tom’s Country Place, Avon, Ohio.

“Everything went very well working with Scott and his wife on our wedding day. Our wedding ended up being about 20-25 people smaller than we had expected and I was a little concerned about the dance floor not staying full or people being bored. Scott read my guest well and kept the dance floor going fairly strongly most of the night. When a song (specifically requeted by my cousin) ended up clearing the dance floor, Scott gave it about 20 seconds before pulling the song and made a joke about it. The guest laughed and people moved back onto the dance floor for the next song. He also went above and beyond by leading my guests in the Thriller dance while dressed as Michael Jackson (and apparently also dressing as Bruno Mars for Uptown Funk, but my wife, our photographer and I were outside taking pictures so I missed that entirely). The only hiccup during either the reception or the ceremony came just before the announcement of the bridal party at the beginning of the reception. Scott was touching base with us about these announcements and verified that he was going to announce us as Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bouyack. At no point in any of the wedding planning was Sam going to be taking my last name, so I know we did not tell him to announce us this way, and I would not have been particularly happy with that announcement. BUT Scott did double check with us and gave us the opportunity to correct him. He announced us the way we wanted to be announced, and no harm was done. I would not dock Scott anything for that mix up because he caught it before it became a full mistake. Overall, Scott was professional, fun, knew what he was doing, and helped everyone have a good time. I had a number of guests comment about him and his work. I would definitely recommend him.”

Note from A Bride’s DJ:  I’m so glad Scott caught his mistake before he made it!  Though we can’t promise we are perfect, we have so many layers of protection, we tend to catch nearly all of the mistakes!  Also glad to hear the dance party was better than expected.  Small crowds can be tricky, but I think we get the most dancers out there because of our experience.  (Said without ego, of course!)

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