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Our phone number? Of course! 216-526-9008

PLEASE leave a message if you don’t get through, as we’re on the phone much of the day and do truly WANT to know you called. 216-526-9008.

How often do your DJs do weddings?

On average, our DJs do receptions almost every single weekend during the busy wedding season.

It’s important to do something often if you want to stay on top of your game! We don’t believe that proms, graduation parties and other non-wedding events prepare a DJ for a wedding reception. Our DJs can read a diverse crowd, coordinate the night so you don’t have to worry about anything, and make announcements like a pro.

If you ask the average DJ how many weddings they have done (even those who say they specialize), you’ll often find that they have only done a handful, or only do a couple a year.  No wonder we’ve all been to so many bad weddings!

So how many weddings have your individual DJs performed for?

As of July 2021, all of our DJs have performed between 200-1500 weddings! Though we don’t think you absolutely need those kind of stats, it certainly doesn’t hurt!

What is the required deposit to secure your services?

We require a 50% retainer fee, but also offer the option to split it into monthly installments for those who are booking a year or more in advance.

Do you charge for travel expenses? If yes, how much do you charge?

We are SUPER-MOBILE DJs! We are happy to travel just about anywhere, however, our fees will be adjusted accordingly. You will be provided with a quote once we know the details.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. Our insurance company can fax or email your insurance company proof (we’ll have our people call your people).


What makes A Bride’s DJ different from other companies?

That’s quite the conversation, and we don’t want to sound like ego-maniacs, nor do we want to act like we’re perfect and create an unrealistic view of how a wedding will look. To make a long story short, while we do the occasional party, A Bride’s DJ is set up to only DJ weddings.

This means we have hired our DJs  because they have all the specific qualities required to professionally DJ weddings.

We hire DJs with a proven track record. Most of our DJs are smarter than we are (like you and your boss, right)? They are the type of guys who don’t just pack. They check, re-check and check again that they have everything. They practice names. They have their own weird emergency kits that they created due to the random situations that occurred when they still had their training wheels.

And we’re a team like no other. More like a family. When you have that type of environment and support system, you can do anything.

The best way for us to describe the difference is via a telephone call. Let’s chat!  Click here to schedule a call.

Describe your DJ style.

This is a tough one, because we loathe the idea of DJs inserting “their style” into your day. We would much rather tell you the truth, which is that we will get to know the style you like, and adapt to it.

With that said, if we have to describe ourselves, we would use words like Formal, Fun, Experienced, Outgoing, Pro Wedding DJs that know how to keep your party going AND give you what you want, without cheesy tactics.

Some of our brides are shy and traditional, and want us to stay more behind the scenes. Others are wild, crazy and cheesy … and want us to do some fun stuff . We rise to the occasion for both!

How would you motivate the crowd if no one is dancing?

Our experience with weddings does the trick! Our DJs perform at weddings almost every single weekend, which means that they know your crowd, what works and doesn’t, and how to time everything so it comes together perfectly. There are no magical words that can take the place of wedding experience and knowing all of the “A” songs!

Every crowd is different and your DJ is going to watch every single song he plays, and make changes accordingly.  Also, the game changes as the night goes on and the crowd changes.

If you have concerns about your crowd’s willingness to dance, or are simply unsure, let’s plan for it in advance. We may want to incorporate some other ideas so you can walk away knowing they had a great time!

With all of this said, we believe the first step to enjoying your own wedding, is to have realistic expectations about the night. Dancers dance, non-dancers don’t. And those that sometimes dance, will dance with the right DJ, to the right song, with the right people, in the right mood.

There are several ways to enjoy a wedding, and you should measure it by the laughter, smiles and overall buzz that is shared throughout the room.  And, of course, we all want to hear those magic words, “This was the best wedding I’ve ever been to!”  That’s our goal just as much as yours, and we provide the tools to make that happen!

What is your usual attire?

Polished and professional! We wear a sharp suit, or come dressed for the environment. No sequins. No musical notes. Nothing weird. Unless, of course, you ask us to dress to match your theme …

Will you have a company sign or banner displayed?

No signs or banners! Tacky, tacky, tacky! Your wedding isn’t our opportunity to market ourselves. Besides, we plan on doing such a great job that we hope you’ll take the time to tell your friends about us!

Do you usually emcee the event or talk between songs?

We provide professional MC service. This means that we are confident and charismatic on the microphone, and make the announcements that need to be made to help your night go by smoothly.

We’re fun and outgoing when the time is right, but not the “star of the show”.  Most additional talking is pre-planned with the bride and groom. With that said, if your Uncle Steve is doing a backspin on the dance floor, we “may” ad-lib just a bit …

Can we crash a wedding to see a DJ in action?

That’s a toughie. At most locations you will truly feel like you are crashing a wedding. Many facilities are private and completely dedicated to just one event. You would feel very awkward in those settings.

Even so, crashing someone else’s wedding won’t usually give you a good picture, as you won’t see as much as you would think. You can generally only get away with being there for 5 to 10 minutes. You’ll be seeing the music THAT bride and groom wanted. What if you hate country music, but they wanted country music all night long? What if you wanted a DJ who was classy and made elegant, tame announcements, while that bride and groom asked for their DJ to announce them into the room like a sports team?

We would never completely refuse your seeing a wedding and can work to find a solution. We just hope you’ll find all of our other tools, conversation, stats and references more helpful!  

Do you bring your own equipment?

Absolutely! And back-up equipment, too!

The only thing we require is a table to set up on, table covering and a good power source within 50 feet of each set up. However we will not play off of generators because they can harm our equipment.

Lastly, please provide your DJ with proper covering from the elements (such as a tent with sides). We would hate to have to shut down music if it became unsafe for our equipment or DJ.

Is any special equipment, such as disco balls or lighting, offered with your service?

We bring dance floor lighting that is wedding-appropriate. No blinding strobe lights, slippery bubbles or fog to make you gag.

Uplighting and gobo lights are available for an extra fee.


How do you prepare with the bride and groom?

You’ll be given advice, timelines and planners to build your dream reception from start to finish. This will include ideas and details for your ceremony, cocktail, dinner and dancing music, traditions, and most importantly, the unique PLAN FOR FUN at your reception!

Our brides’ desires range from sophisticated and classy grand entrances to wild intros where the entire bridal party dances into the room! We have brides that want wild and crazy song choices for their themes and traditions, and others who choose upbeat, yet tame music. Some brides plan choreographed dances, while others shy away from the spotlight all together, and ask us to shorten the length of their songs, combine them, or avoid certain traditions.

No two weddings are alike … and we give you the tools to paint your own picture!

We offer brilliant imagination, creativity and a great attention to detail. In fact, after assisting thousands of brides, we can probably answer the toughest questions and figure out the stickiest of situations, just ask! We are also happy to edit a line out of a song, or merge songs together, given adequate notice.

Much closer to your reception, you’ll have a thorough conversation with your DJ to discuss the itinerary, pronunciations, music, your vision for the evening, special requests, concerns and ideas, all which  you’ll easily come up with through the use of our tools.

Is there a limit to the amount of music that can be requested?

Every one of your requests will be honored! We give you a detailed wedding reception planner to complete, which allows you the opportunity to tell us your ABSOLUTE must-plays, do-not-plays and suggestions. Your wish is our command!

Now, that was the EASY answer. More importantly, we need to talk about expectations, what type of crowd you’ll have, and what you want from the night.

If it is more important to you that you hear the soundtrack that you’ve created, awesome! If, however, you prefer that we get your guests dancing, we will make suggestions for limits of must-plays. Notice we use the word “suggestions”.

Can we submit a do-not-play list?

Yes! Please do! We want this to be a direct reflection of YOU and what YOU LIKE, not the bride we played for last week! No cookie-cutter mentality here! Our planning tools allow you to create the reception of YOUR dreams!

If you do not have a song we request, do you ask us to provide it?

Any reasonable amount of music, WE WILL GET! With exception to something rare, illegal or certain cultural music that we feel you’ll be more the pro at than we are.

How much time do you usually need to set up? Do you require anything from us?

Set-up time varies based on the location and services needed, however, we usually need about 2 hours set-up time for most events.

We request a table with covering near each set-up, however, this is •usually• provided by the facility. Please check if your venue can provide this.

What is the backup plan in case a DJ becomes unavailable on the day of the event due to an emergency?

We schedule an on-call back-up DJ for any super-busy date. We pay this person to wait all day for a call that never comes (knock on wood). Though we cannot guarantee this, we have yet to go without a backup DJ. Close to each wedding date, we locate a backup DJ to be on call that day in case your DJ has an emergency.

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